Jordan Axani

Storytelling Coach & Keynote Speaker

My name is Jordan and I help people and companies tell sincere, impactful stories

Over the past 13 years, I have worked with Fortune 1000 companies, top universities, global charities, startups and national governments to help them pull on the heartstrings of their audiences, creating more impact, loyalty and engagement.

I was educated at the Royal Military College of Canada in Conflict Negotiation before studying Integrated Design Strategy at Bruce Mau’s Institute Without Boundaries and Rapid Prototyping at FactoryX, a think tank started by Google’s top executives. This unique combination gives me a dual skill set: winning ‘hearts and minds’ and using design thinking to build brands.

In a bizarre twist, my life was turned upside down in 2014 when I became the focus of the world’s most viral human interest story. (You can read about it below). During that experience that lasted for a year, I learned about digital culture and its impacts on mental health. Even though it created created billions of media impressions, millions of dollars in brand revenue and mobilized hundreds of thousands of people globally, I fell apart entirely by realizing that everything I projected was a lie.

Today I am the creator of The Unspeakable Method, a framework that allows people to better understand the lies they are living to connect with eachother deeply. It’s led to the rapid rise of What’s Your Big Lie?, The Unspoken Culture and my other interactive speeches and workshops. 

In the past year, I’ve recieved well over 100,000 submissions in my What’s Your Big Lie? program. The biggest takeaway I can share is that whether you are in gradeschool, a parent or a senior executive, you likely feel alone and hide a great deal of pain. My mission is to give you the tools and confidence to release it

I have the great fortune of splitting my time between speaking internationally, coaching leaders and businesses, and advancing my work in mental health through Brave Campus and Shift.

Thank you for being here. I hope you take something away that helps you.

Best wishes,


Yep.  I Created The World’s Viral Human Interest Story, Ever…

Left at the end of a relationship, I had a plane ticket that I had purchased for my previous partner for a trip around the world… in her name. What started as an effort to give the ticket away to pay it forward, turned into the world’s most viral human interest story, ever, earning 4.2 billion media impressions and about another billion social media shares. It was f*cked up. 

I did end up traveling the world with someone. And no, we did not fall in love. And so, we let the world down

The problem was that I misplaced the momentum of the story and the opportunities that landed at my feet as validation of who I was. When the momentum died down, I crashed and fell into a dark hole realizing my truth: I had been an imposter for my whole life because I didn’t feel any self worth. The story only catalyzed that.