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 I’m Jordan. And I have a knack for pulling on heartstrings.

My unique process, The Unspeakable Method, has deliberately and accidentally created over 5-billion organic media impressions, captured the imaginations of millions, recruited thousands of volunteers, and even caused a Hollywood bidding war.

In the past year, I have asked 120,000 people about the lies that they’re living – from kids on native reservations to leading executives in San Francisco – and what I found is that… we’re all the same. We all have experienced tremendous pain that has shaped how we portray ourselves to the world. And it’s my mission to smash that process.

I have the privilege of traveling the world to speak and coach, while co-leading Disruptt, a mental health speaking agency powered by entrepreneurs. You can read more about me here

“Jordan pulled back layers to find truthful and vulnerable content that resonated with our audience. He hits the stage as a natural performer who knows how to reach out and connect with his audience.”

– James Powell, Global Head of Brand, WE.org

I do this using the Unspeakable Method, a proven process to reframe  our personal narratives.


1. Identify

Point out and accept the lies that we each live and why we have developed delusional personal narratives.

2. Normalize

Using a variety of means to reduce embarassment, share the lies you’re living to normalize and validate your experiences.


3. Reframe

Dig into the underlying human experices we all share to find commonalities between our true story and the journeys of others.

4. Share

Integrate this into our brands and our businesses, to be brave and to speak our truth, thereby connecting much more deeply with our audiences.

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